Monday, May 01, 2006

Labour Day Weekend

May 1st 2006

It is raining all weekend. Still visitors come by the thousands. Bringing cakes and fruit for the volunteers. 12.000 came last weekend, that is more than the Gizah pyramids see in one month!
Vispak sponsors coffee in a giant coffee pot, the largest in the world. And pyramid chocolate is free for everyone. A weekend house has turned into a caffe on top of the pyramid entrance plateau.

Miss Samra Koricic, a charming Bosnian lady, is the person in charge for the volunteer program. Pls. read her letter for volunteers, which I posted previously. She writes the daily articles into the foundation website (see link), but only in bosnian language. (see foto below: Samra and the coffee pot)
The fotos on the foundation website are made by Nadir Cukurija, the foundation`s official fotografer.
Ask for professional fotos if you are press or media.

Text and fotos by Gabriela Lukacs / Vienna


Blogger Lexa said...

We love this site. My boyfriend and I watched the movie trailer twice. The couple that says "If God wants it to be a pyramid, then it will be a pyramid!" made us laugh so hard. My boyfriend Nihad is from Gorazde. I can't wait to visit next year!

10:16 PM  
Blogger Amila said...

I love this site Robert.I still didn't watch movie but I will soon.Thank you for everything because you made this film and all things about piramids.Thank you again,wish you all best.

5:01 PM  

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