Monday, August 21, 2006

How about this one?

On the very first day of excavation on the north side of the sun pyramid, one of the workers hit on stone when removing the soil+clay layers. I asked him to stop and revealed this piece of stone under 1,5m of UNTOUCHED clay on top of the breccia blocks.
This piece of dark stone, fitting very well into a man's fist, has a strange shape:
1. TOP = knob-like, round, with chiselmarks, not polished
2. BOTTOM = square cut, polished perfecty, with sharp edges

looks like some kind of tool, more like a key or door handle.
Semir called it a decoration piece of the pyramid!


Blogger stultitia said...

"Semir called it a decoration piece of the pyramid!" That's because Semir is a fraud. The fragment on your photo looks like some kind of profilation, very typical of medieval profilations that can be expected to be found on that particular site, considering the remains of medieval settlements there. For comparison, take a look at these remains from the medieval Visoki:

1. - parts of a gothic portal; your decoration seems to look like a piece of profilation similar to the profilation of this portal

2. - another medieval relief; same sandstone

Therefore, could it be that your photos are a proof that Semir and your team are tearing apart and falsifying medieval heritage of Bosnia-Herzegovina?

3:17 PM  

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