Sunday, April 30, 2006

“I have a pyramid in my garden”

This is what people of Visoko tell a visitor. And more of, it is true. The authors of this daily report have been asked into neighbours backyards and shown the huge blocks of breccia-stone weighing 50 tons and more. These neatly cut and shaped blocks are just lying on the soil or sometimes covered by grass, but always visible. And cannot be denied. Someone must have cut them in a nearby quarry and shaped into cubic form – and transported to the site! But who and how? The Romans or Illyrians or medieval tribes?

Many of these gigantic stone blocks have been split in half and used as foundation walls for the Visoko houses. We could see the blocks used as basement foundations. Thresholds of the houses were built from the smaller slabs of the pyramid-steps and garden benches are still made of pyramid monoliths. Just walk through town and you will notice. People will ask you in and proudly show their stoneblocks.

All fotos and text by Gabriele Lukacs Vienna


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