Saturday, April 29, 2006

Underground Network of Tunnels

Initial excavations on 15 April have revealed a narrow entrance to what could be an underground network of tunnels.
On Friday, a team of rescue workers from a local coal mine, followed by archaeologists and geologists examined the tunnel, thought to be 2.4 miles (3.8km) long, going to the village of Ravne and ending next to the so called “fountain of the queen”. A natural spring with excellent drinking water. So I was told by Mr.Majid Avdicevic, who owns a house next to the well.
Local people all know the tunnels where they have played as kids. But thought of being medieval escape tunnels of the king`s fortress, these tunnels have never been excavated or even registered on maps. Now it has to be examined how old they really are.
The team found two intersections with other tunnels leading off to the left and right.
Their conclusion was that it had to be man-made.
"This is definetly not a natural formation," said geologist Nadja Nukic.
Satellite photographs and thermal imaging revealed two other, smaller pyramid-shaped hills in the Visoko Valley, which archaeologists believe the tunnels could lead to.
The Speleologist of the team, who has been in the tunnel, found a monolith and several other circular stones deep underground. He made a drawing which he showed me and hopefully will publish soon.
Report written by Gabriele Lukacs,


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