Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Breccia or Cement? Sealed or natural?

Different kind of Breccia stone can be found on different locations of the Sun Pyramid. It looks like each variation would serve a different purpose.
One kind is smoothly polished, the next one is rough and rugged, the third kind does not absorb water at all (it does not even get wet).

What is it? Natural stone or ancient concrete? Naturally polished or rugged by nature? Sealed by man or nanotechnology produced by nature?

We ask all geologists to send us their opinion. Especially on the fact that Breccia stone does not become wet when poured water over it. How is it possible that water forms bubbles and just rolls off like milk on a hot oven when only centimeters away the same stone does not show any anomaly?
VIDEO ONLINE www.magisch-reisen.at (click to pyramids)

text+foto by Gabriele Lukacs


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