Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mystery behind the Wall

On June 19 archaeologist Nancy Gallou from Greece opened a structure at the sonde of the so called moon pyramid. The rectangular stone structure of 2m by 3m looks like a tomb. Today Nancy found a stone plate at the bottom of the possible tomb. Everybody is eager to see what is underneath. Is it another stone layer or is it a tombstone?
The Austrian team with Gabriela Lukacs was helping to clean the clay from the structure and found clay smelling from rotten organic material.
There is a brickwall of 2x2m towards the hillside which has not yet been opened. What is behind the wall? Is it a wall or a door? The bricks look much younger than the stones of the tomb. Have different cultures been using or building this place?
There is a mystery with this place:
- probes of the soil got lost or are spoiled because visitors dropped cigarette ash
- workers were told to dig behind the wall but by mistake were digging at the left side where nothing was found
- the egyptian archaeologist stopped the digging because the wall could collapse


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